All contents © Michael Leake 2009-2018. All rights reserved. Audio Samples and Videos With Music Here is just a small selection of original material recorded in a home studio. More samples are available to filmmakers upon request. All compositions and recordings © Michael Leake 2009- 2018. All rights reserved. The Timeless Sounds of a Symphony Orchestra Michael Leake        Composer Always © 2011 Michael Leake A sweeping romantic piece for piano, French horns, strings, woodwinds and percussion. Conceived as something for the opening credits of a film. It can be heard in its "natural environment" with cinematic images in the YouTube video to the right. Nobody’s Home © 2010 Michael Leake A very brief, atmospheric piano number--a melancholy mood-setting piece. Lucky Day © 2011 Michael Leake A lighthearted, happy-go-lucky piece for strings. The YouTube video can be seen below. Launch video on YouTube to rate or comment Launch video on YouTube to rate or comment Leaving Once More © 2011 Michael Leake Brief background music envisioned for a departure scene for classical guitar, steel string acoustic guitar, oboe and strings. Intentionally kept very short.   Remembering What Was © 2011 Michael Leake A wistful, contemplative piece for strings and French horn. Intentionally brief. Imagined as background music for a movie scene in which a character is reflecting on times gone by. The Reckoning © 2010 Michael Leake The Waiting Game © 2011 Michael Leake A short piece conceived as incidental music for film in which someone is anxiously waiting for something to transpire as time slowly passes. Instrumentation suggests the ticking of a clock. Adagio For Days Long Past © 2009 Michael Leake A slow and epic piece for full orchestra. A dramatic, energetic piece, with a shifting time signature and driven by percussion.  Conceived as a film piece for a scene in which things are coming to a climax. For strings, brass, piccolo and all manner of percussion. Into The Clouds © 2012 Michael Leake A brief cinematic tribute to the aviators of the Second World War. The YouTube video can be seen at the right. Launch video on YouTube to rate or comment
Hollywood in New Mexico (NM Filmmakers Showcase 2012 Intro) © 2012 Michael Leake I was honored to be asked to write the music for the on-screen slideshow introduction for the NM Filmmakers Showcase 2012. The showcase was sponsored by the New Mexico Film Office ( and was held on Oct. 12-14, 2012 at the Guild Cinema in Albuquerque. The audio can be heard using the play control below. You can also view the complete slideshow by clicking the photo above. Note: this will take you to an external website. Please disregard the video’s first 13 seconds, consisting of some noisy lead-in and countdown that unfortunately was not trimmed before the video was posted The Classic Sounds of the Modern Era The End of the Line © 2012 Michael Leake A rock genre piece about endings and moving on, driven by a searing lead guitar solo.