All contents © Michael Leake 2009-2018. All rights reserved. A Brief Musical Bio Michael Leake (Mike to his friends) began playing the guitar at age 11 and picked up piano at 17. The Beatles were a huge and lasting early influence, setting the bar high for quality and versatility in an aspiring musician. By his late teens, he found himself a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist in a rock band, co-founded with a friend, and wrote a great deal of music for that genre. A couple of years later, after band members went their separate creative ways, he began performing as a solo musician and vocalist. Desiring to expand his piano technique, he began to explore classical piano. As a result of coursework in music history at the University of New Mexico, he cultivated a keen interest in classical music, particularly Romantic Era composers. Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Chopin became favorites, especially the former. About that same time he was tabbed to write the music for a traditional stage musical, as a coworker knew someone who had written the “book” for a musical, including some possible lyrics for a handful of songs, but so far there was no composer--an essential element for any musical. Research for this project quickly brought an appreciation for much of the Broadway music from decades past and a genuine admiration was born for Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Jerry Herman, and many others. After a couple of months, a full musical stage production was born.   Through it all, his main passion has been composing. He writes music in a variety of styles, from lush orchestral grandeur to simple atmospheric and background pieces. He has a very large library of high quality orchestral and other sound samples at his disposal to produce a wide range of music in a variety of styles. Michael Leake        Composer Through it all, his main passion has been composing.